Thanks and Acknowledgements

‘The World is My Country’ has been made possible by grants from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Amiel-Melburn Trust  and the Lipman-Miliband Trust.

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‘To the Belligerent Governments’: “The victory you seek is a victory which shall perpetuate your empire over mankind; keep Humanity bound in fetters to your cruel and senseless systems; maintain your castes and your monopolies; strengthen your embargo upon the peoples’ liberties; leave your heel firmly planted on the peoples’ necks.”– E.D. Morel, co-founder of the anti-war Union of Democratic Control, May 1916, jailed for six-months for sending an anti-war pamphlet to Switzerland.

“Freedom’s battle has not to be fought on the blood-drenched soil of France but nearer home – our enemy is within the gates” – Birmingham socialist William Holliday in a speech at the Birmingham Bull Ring, May 1915. (Holliday was arrested and sentenced to three months hard labour for this speech).

“[T]he brunt of modern war falls upon non-combatants, and the conscience of the world cannot bear the sight … Do not humanity and common sense alike prompt us to join hands with the women of neutral countries, and urge our rulers to stay further bloodshed?” – Emily Hobhouse, letter to “The Women of Germany and Austria”, written by Hobhouse and signed by 101 British women suffragists, Christmas 1914.