TWIMC in London: 9 – 13 Nov ’15

Fastprint torriano flier9 – 13 November, Kentish Town: Opponents of the First World War from around the world will be celebrated in a five-day art and poetry exhibition at the Torriano Meeting House (99 Torriano Avenue, NW5 2RX) [2] in Kentish Town next week. The event features the acclaimed art work of Camden-born artist Emily Johns [3], and will be accompanied by a free talk at the same venue at 7pm on Thursday 12 November.

The exhibition, which runs daily 11am – 4pm from Monday 9 November to Friday 13 November, consists of ten ‘people’s history’ art posters by Emily Johns [4], and eight poem / song posters by a variety of poets and songwriters including Anna Robinson [5], Alan Brownjohn [6], Dan Kennedy, Krysia Mansfield and the winner of the Welsh bardic Chair and Crown, Mererid Hopwood [7].

Stories featured in the posters include:

  • the Maori princess who led the war’s most effective act of collective resistance;
  • the Lancashire mid-wife who confronted a 15,000-strong pro-war mob to demand peace negotiations;
  • the Hungarian feminist whose whirlwind of anti-war activity helped to keep the small neutral countries out of the war; and
  • the German soldiers who disobeyed orders to expose the Armenian genocide.

Emily Johns said: “The British government and military have been trying to use the First World War centenary to push the idea that military heroism whilst obeying orders is a uniquely noble form of self-sacrifice. It is therefore especially important to reclaim the histories of those, on all sides and none – and including both soldiers and conscientious objectors – who opposed the senseless carnage of the First World War and instead campaigned for peace.”

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