Speaking tour

Emily speaking at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, April 2013

Emily speaking at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, April 2013

‘I write with some delay to say a big thank you on behalf of both of our groups for the wonderful ‘The world is my country’ evening the other day. There has been nothing but praise, from many quarters; your talk went seamlessly and naturally from being uplifting, disturbing , and entertaining in turn. Above all it was informative and interesting throughout.’

Emily and Gabriel toured the UK during 2015, talking about the posters and the First World War anti-war movement.

If you’d like to offer to host an event for the speaking tour and / or arrange an exhibition of the posters in your local area, then please contact us: 0207 278 3344 or promos [at] peacenews.info.

Please include: your name and contact details (email and phone number); which dates you have in mind; the name of the group; and the likely size of the audience. Hosts will be expected to provide our train fares from Hastings as well as accommodation (where necessary). We are also encouraging all groups to do local press work around the exhibition and talks, and will provide a template press release for this purpose.

Upcoming events:

30 Oct – 11 Nov: Exhibition at the Hastings Arts Forum. See here for details.

Friday 9 Nov: Talk at Hastings Arts Forum. See here for details

‘[T]hank you for speaking at Senate House Library last week … the combination of Gabriel’s research and Emily’s work made for a fascinating evening. It was both thought-provoking and beautiful! We cannot thank you enough for your time and effort.’

Past events:

– 17 January 2014, launch event @ Friends House with Adam Hochschild
– 14- 15 June 2014, Leamington Peace Festival
– 16 – 21 June 2014, London @ The Spark
– 31 July – 4 August 2014, Leiston, Suffolk: Peace News Summer Camp 2014
– 4 August 2014, mini-exhibition in Oxford
– 6 September 2014, London:  The Poetry Book Fair
– 13 September 2014: Mini-exhibition in Colchester
– 20 September 2014: Mini-exhibition in Portsmouth
– 20 – 27 September 2014, Nottingham: Mini-exhibition at Sherwood Methodist Church. Part of the Nottingham Week for Peace
– 27 September, Nottingham: Talk at the Sherwood Methodist Church. Part of the Nottingham Week for Peace
– 2 October 2014, London: An evening celebrating Alice Wheeldon with her great grandaughter Chloe Mason
– 25 October 2014, London: Talk on’Feminist Opponents of World War One at Feminism in London 2014
– 1 November 2014, mini-exhibition in Colchester
– 15 November 2014, Brighton: Talk at the Radical Routes Gathering
– 22 November 2014, London: Mini-exhibition during the World War One and Dissent edit-a-thon @ Senate House
– 26 November 2014, London: Talk @ Tottenham Friends Meeting House. Organised by Haringey CND & Tottenham Quakers.
– 28 November 2014, London: Fourth Friday at the Poetry Cafe. The World is My Country readers & singers: Alan Brownjohn, Wendy Lewis, Leon Rosselson and Dan Kennedy.
– 7 – 14 January 2015, Aberystwyth: Exhibition at the Morlan Centre.
– 12 January 2015, Aberystwyth: Talk at the Morlan Centre.
– 15 January 2015, London: Picturing resistance to the First World War: The artwork of Emily Johns @ Senate House Library.
– 15 January – 15 February 2015, London: Exhibition @ Senate House Library.
– 7 March, Oxford 2015: Talk organised by the Network of Oxford Women for Justice & Peace as part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival 2015.
– 19 April – 8 November 2015, Bonn, Germany: “Frauen in Krieg und Frieden: Geschichte, Dokumente und zeitgenössische Kunst”. Several posters from ‘The World is My Country’ will appeared in this exhibition at the Women’s Museum in Bonn.
– 25 April 2015, Leicester: Talk at the the launch of Leicester CND’s new book, looking at resistance to WW1 in Leicestershire.
– 5 – 30 May 2015, Hastings: TWIMC pictures exhibited as part of Dissent @ Rock House.
– 8 May – 30 September 2015, Fürth-Burgfarrnbach, Germany: “Kriegssocken und Peacemakerinnen”. Several posters from ‘The World is My Country’ appeared in this exhibition at the Women’s Museum in Fürth-Burgfarrnbach.
– 15 May 2015, Liverpool: ‘An evening of art and peace building.’  Talk at the Liverpool Quaker Meeting House. Part of Light Night Liverpool 2015.
– 19 May 2015, Abingdon: Talk to the Abingdon Peace Group.
– 8 June 2015, Oxford: Talk at the ‘Resistance is Fertile’ exhibition.
– 13 June 2015, Chesterfield: ‘The World is My Country’ talk @ Chesterfield Library. Hosted by Chesterfield CND.
– 16 June 2015, Hastings: ‘The World is My Country’ talk. Organised by Hastings Against War.
– 27 June 2015, Southampton: ‘The World is My Country’ @ ‘The Other’ Armed Forces Day’,  an all-day event, alongside folk from Veterans for Peace and the Bristol Radical History group.
– 20 – 26 July, London: ‘The World is My Country’ exhibition at The Spark Space.
– 30 July – 3 August 2015, nr. Shrewsbury: ‘The World is My Country’ workshop at Peace News Summer Camp 2015.
– 9 September, Tavistock: ‘The World is My Country’ talk organised by the Tavistock Peace Action Group.
– 12 September 2015, Colchester: Exhibition of ‘The World is My Country’ posters at Colchester Friends Meeting House. Part of Heritage Open Days.
– 24 September 2015, Colchester: ‘The World is My Country’ talk organised by Colchester Quakers.
– 28 October 2015, Cambridge: ‘The World is My Country: Opposing the First World War’. Part of the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas.
– 9 – 13 November 2015: Exhbition at Torriano Meeting House. 11am – 4pm daily.
– 12 November 2015, London: ‘The World is My Country’ talk @ Torriano Meeting House, 99 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, NW5 2RX.
– 26 November 2015, Kingston upon Thames: Talk at Kingston University.
– 26 February 2016 – 12 March 2016, Edinburgh: Exhibition at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.
– 25 February 2016, Edinburgh: Talk at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. 6 – 8pm. Org. by the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre.
– 18 – 20 March 2016, Leeds: Talk at the Resistance to War 1914 – 1924 conference.
– 25 May 2016, London: Exhibition at ‘Comrades in Conscience’, an evening commemorating the courage of
Britain’s First World War conscientious objectors through drama, song and talks. Venue: Conway Hall.
– 17 October 2016, London: Talk for the Bellesize Group of growingolddisgracefully.org.uk
– Sat 28 April 2018: Workshop at the Derby Peace Festival. https://www.derbyquad.co.uk/family-workshop/the-world-is-my-country-with-peace-news.aspx

6 Church Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1NF9 – 13 November 2015, London: ‘The World is My Country’ exhibition @ Torriano Meeting House, 99 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town,  NW5 2RX. 11am – 4pm, daily.

‘I really enjoyed your event at Torriano this evening. Everything: 1,000 falafels, the many words, the few songs and poems, singing to the film, the fresh air break half-way through … It had the mood of a family celebration even if I was not a family member. May I congratulate you all!’

‘One of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve spent this year’ – workshop participant, June 2015

‘[A] fascinating evening, and such a very different take on war resisters …Very impressive and completely enthralling. It quite inspired me …’