Emily at work on poster #4: The Women’s Peace Crusade

Emily at work on poster #4, about remarkable the Women’s Peace Crusade: ‘The first truly popular campaign [in Britain], linking feminism and anti-militarism’ (Jill Liddington).

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It’s origins were in Glasgow in 1916, but it’s main period of activity was during the last 18 months of the First World War. It’s central demand,negotiations to end the war. Denounced by Morning Post as ‘one of the most active and pernicious propaganda organisations in the country’, ‘Its aim was not genteel lobbying but persuading thousands of women out of their houses and on to the streets for popular open-air rallies to confront the militarist government’ (Jill Liddington).

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I have just been given the Scottish wood engraver Winifred McKenzie’s tools by the artist Annie Rae. This woman is the first image I have made with them.

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